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Fri 28 June 2024
Beursschouwburg — GOUDEN ZAAL — 20:00

Welcome to the main performance programme of this year’s festival, a bold proposal of four exclusive performing acts by artists coming from not only Brussels but also Mexico and France. Each act is preceded by a singing intro from El Cabaret del Amor, and the evening will be paused with an interval where more surprises are to be discovered. Explore with us some queer creative interpretations of the body and identity.

Tickets are available for purchase online HERE

Sebastián Solórzano

RAIN PRAYER — Mexico, Germany — 20'

Light and the human body are fundamental in Sebastián Solórzano’s artistic practice.

Statement : “There are arsons all over. Some of us are living with the fire menace within our own blood, some resist the arsonists out there, some fight both.

Roots have been growing hidden under the soil, secretly interconnecting. Roots of grief and anger, but of pleasure, joy and hope as well.

The light breathes while a naked body radiates an incessant rhythm to invoke and embrace its shadows; you are welcome to join the breath beats of this ritual, to pray for thy enemy to stop spitting fire.”

Manu Sol Mateo

CABARET DEL AMOR — Mexico. France — 4x3'

Through various media such as drawing, sewing and singing, Manu Sol Mateo addresses the components of his own sexuality as a starting point in his artistic practice. In his work one can appreciate a constant exploration of gender stereotypes and narratives surrounding sexuality, beauty, and morality that prevail in contemporary culture. Sol Mateo uses his body as an erotic tool to discover and confront the subjectivity of those who look at him, whether through live performances or meticulous visual productions that range from costume-object creation to purely graphic proposals. He takes cabaret as an influence, to mount performances with dyes of transvestism and operetta, using terms of the western and globalized pictorial archive to rescue a pre-modernist style more representative than material, a pre-Brechtian theatricality and more narrative than documentary arguments.

lili Mirezmoi

Mado Laforge

POETIQUE FOOD PORN — Belgium — 20'

Lili Mirez-moi, initiator of the Sassy Cabaret in Brussels, and her accomplice Mado Laforge offer an intimate erotic performance, a meal reading, an essay of soft porn. Two women are talking about their encounter, about the sun, the sea, food and erotic games.

Suddenly one of the two undresses, the other places food on her body; then begin the caresses and greedy games.

Camille Desombre

Yoann Hourcade

SPECTROPHILIA — France — 20'

Spectrophilia is a poetic and sound reading-performance, halfway between an intimate story, an invocation ritual and a festive manifesto, which deploys the spectral metaphor from a queer or faggot point of view. With a text by Camille Desombre accompanied by the sound creation of Yoann Hourcade, Spectrophilia summons the dead and ghosts in a poetic and provocative spirit. It deals with violence against gay bodies, nostalgic search and desire for the ghosts of deceased elders, the memory of lost utopias, the decomposition of queer identity and we come across the figures of Guillaume Dustan, Foucault, Sylvia Rivera and the Homosexual Front of Revolutionary Action, all to the rhythms of new wave music.


STAND UP CHANSONS — Belgium — 20'

Between song recital and stand-up comedy with sharp jokes, our friend Blanket is back for our greatest pleasure in a show full of colors and funny flashes. WE love !