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#masculinity.es #representations #diversity

Sebastián Solórzano


Mexico City interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin, his work is focused on lighting design,
performance art and Expanded Cinema. Since 2015, has researched lighting design as a
choreographic practice, with abstraction, eroticism and magic as recurrent themes. Then, in
2019, he started the project Light[÷]BodyLAB, including his own body on stage
choreographed with the actions of automated lighting devices. Since 2008, his artworks and
collaborations have been shown at exhibitions, festivals, and on stages in North and South
America, North Africa and Europe. In 2014 he was selected by Jennifer Tipton for the Rolex
Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative; and in 2019, received the Werner-Düttmann Stipendium
from the Akademie der Künste Berlin.