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Camille Desombre


Author and documentarian, Camille Desombre is the pen name of Matthieu Foucher. His work around queer cultures, memories and politics as well as fantastic and speculative political imaginaries is articulated between text, video and sound documentary. Graduated with a Master’s degree in Media & Cultural Studies from the University of Amsterdam, he wrote a dissertation on queer spectrality which resulted in a publication and several academic conferences. In 2023, he published Pédé·s dans la peau, an intimate and poetic text within the collective collection Pédés published by Points, as well as Feux Follets, an ecoqueer anticipation story within the literary magazine Sabir. In 2023, he also participates as a performer in the Queer Code project by Mélanie Martinez-Llense and Claire Lapeyre-Mazerat at the Génacteur in June, then is invited to the Sturmfrei festival in November. His radio documentary Alain Pacadis, gonzo poet and punk dandy was broadcast on France Culture in November 2023, and his series Pédé·s: réinventer le monde in April 2024. He is in residence at Artagon Pantin between 2022 and 2024, then at La Station – Gare des Mines and at Maison Poème in Brussels in May and June 2024.