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lili Mirezmoi


Lili mirezmoi is, among other things, a dancer and actress, she has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Also passionate about cinema and theater, she went to Brussels at the age of 15 to study secondary arts in speech, from which she graduated with first class honors. She decided to pursue a course in contemporary dance and performance at the A.Viana School in Rio de Janeiro. After 3 and a half years of study and diploma in hand, she left for Burkina Faso where she danced in a duo with L.Kone , will create a women’s hiphop dance festival and will live there for 2 years.

It was on her return that she discovered and threw herself wholeheartedly into cabaret, a hybrid form where she could create performances that were sometimes light and sometimes engaged. In 2015, she created The Sassy Cabaret with which she held a residency at L’os à Moelle. She juggles between her multiple hats: mother, organizer (superior milf) of Sassy Cabaret, dance teacher.
Lili takes pleasure in shaking up certainties, questioning, educating… she likes to talk about gender, class and diversity, to create desire where we least expect it, to create a new relationship with sex and eroticism. These performances are a mixture of reflections, political demands, cinematic, poetic, sometimes erotic moments and humor.