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Fri 28 June 2024
Beursschouwburg — BEURSCAFE — 20:30

Video, in its inception in the 1960s, was not considered an art form, but rather remained excluded from the defined art system. The function of video did not emerge independently of other art forms (visual art, dance, theater, performance). The American and European movements of the 1960s –Fluxus– provided the context to understand Video as an abstract medium with all the attributes of modernist work: dispersion, reproduction, ephemeral, theatrical and interdisciplinary.

Homografía has been showing queer art in the video genre since its creation in Mexico then in Brussels, in direct liaison with performance as a crucial point. This year’s selection is unique, a challenge that gave a one and only screening in Beurscafé transformed into a community centre free of access. 

Please check the Cinema for more videos from Latin America as we have given a Carte Blanche to Cuorum Colectivo from Morelia, Mexico. In the Red Corridor. Free from 16.00 till 22.00

Leandro Goddinho

Du Bist So Wunderbar — Brazil, Germany — 2023 — 17:50'

On the day thousands of people went to the streets protesting against unaffordable rents in Berlin and the abolishment of the rental cap law, a gay Brazilian immigrant who was just kicked out of his apartment struggles to find a new room while his personal life falls apart as well as the city around him.

Winner of the Silver Leopard at the 76th Locarno Film Festival

Pierre Lermier

Moi-Peau — Belgium — 2024 — 10:58'

Skin Ego was first created as a stage performance with Angèle Virago and Dgin de Marbre. The main topics are abandon, masochism and care with a queer and ethic point of vue.

With Pierre Lermier, they decided to immortalize this creation into a short-movie.

Lewis Maes

La voie de la rose — Belgium — 2023 — 18:31'

‘La Voie de la Rose’ translated to ‘The way/voice of the rose’ is a documentary about love and politics in which the rose is considered ‘the woman’ alongside its multifaceted symbolism. We see the rose as a carrier of meaning at protests, in a café, in a garden, dried on a notice board, in a drag show.

Andres Komatsu

Follower — France — 2023 — 06:44'

Poyo and Amandine meet in a bar in the middle of the night. Their exchange gives rise to a desire for insurrection.

Just then, a convertible arrives at high speed. It’s Demetrius & Sweetie, a mad couple whose evening is just beginning.

They embark on a road trip from which no one will escape unscathed.
As they run one red light after another, a climate of disorder and insecurity sets in. Nothing can stop them.

Tomas Cali

The Sketch — France — 2023 — 09:23'

I learn to speak French and by doing so, to sculpt my reality. In an artist’s studio in Paris, I meet Linda Demorrir, a living model. Like me, she is transgender and an immigrant. When she speaks, moves, sees the world, I am fascinated. As I draft her outlines, it is myself also that I learn to draw in this new country.

Lewis Maes


INI — Belgium — 2021 — 3:24'

A body is touched by the sea, the camera and a second body. Breathing, shivering, expression and imagination respond to these touches that tell a story about physical boundaries and trauma.


Funghi Boost — Belgium — 2023 — 12:00'

A strange quest for magical shroomies and extravagant treasures turns into terrific encounters with a mischievous diamond-loving fairy, unscrupulous gremlins and a thundering Vampirella Kinqueen. From desire to desire, how far will the adventure take us?