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Thursday 29
September 2022

Workshop: pole dance

Par Brussels Art Pole

Fatsabbats invites you to a moment of communion around the pole bar: A pole dance initiation session given by Angel from Brussels Art Pole.
This moment will be reserved for men and non-binary people, an occasion to learn and have fun in a chill setting.

To register for the session, please contact Fatsabbats at fatlisting@gmail.com. The session costs 20€ and this includes the entry fee for the rest of the event of the night, taking place at the Reset.
See you there!

Fatsabbats: Care Zone

Care zone

Fatabbats invites you to take a comfortable seat and relax. A one-stop shop for self-care is taking over H.H. 2022:
🖊 Tattoo: @yazi_boss
💅🏾 Nails : @theartististired
🦷✨Tooth Gems: @polychromatic.smiles
💇🏾 Haircut: @aduhire@hylobeautystudio
💆🏾 Massages/thé/soins: @backtosoilbasics @bordelsansnom @mcwoodstick
🔮 Guidances tarot/oracles: @lesaventuresdemoriane


Tell me more about health

Espace polyvalente

A lecture on self-care & personal health for queer folks presented by Miguel Shema, medical student, journalist at the Bondy Blog and creator of the Health&Politics and Racialized People vs Grindr Instagram accounts, where he talks about health and domination issues.

Opening drink

Espace Polyvalent


Panel Discussion: Masculinities

Espace Polyvalente

coming soon…

Opening: Screening 1


In the middle of the Colombian coffee region, Aribada, the resurrected monster, meets Las Traviesas, a group of indigenous transwomen from the Emberá tribes. The magical, the dreamlike and the performative coexist in their unique world.

Concert: Shaka Shams


Growing up in Belgium, frequently staying with his family in the UK, and with a strong sense of his South African roots, Shaka Shams always felt like a lone wolf. This uprootedness made him turn to music at the early age of 11. Always in between, barely fitting in, he created his own island where he feels independent. But that independence comes with a feeling of loneliness that he stubbornly fights through his music. At only 14, he amazed the crowd at his very first open mic in the UK. It was then and there he decided that music was his home. Shaka’s inspirations come from many places; hip hop, grime, reggae, house music… he approaches it his own way and takes what he likes to find “different sized pieces of a music puzzle fitting perfectly”. Throw on his very recognizable nostalgic voice and you get that Shaka sound. This young talent is one to be watched!

Performance 1: Soa de Muse

Espace Polyvalente

Born thirty-three years ago in the suburbs, Soa de Muse likes to point out that she is not Parisian. Her origins are Martinique and Seine-Saint-Denis. A pride that she claims on the screen.

Soa de muse is a multidisciplinary artist (cabaret, theater and contemporary dance) and an amazing performer.
It was a man she met in Martinique who pushed her to enter the world of burlesque, a kind of show featuring an erotic striptease. She goes on to perform multiple times at Madame Arthur, a famous venue for drag shows.

Then, with three artist friends, she decided to open her own cabaret, La Bouche, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.
“I’m just an artist trying to explore an artistic material and make it my own,” she sums up.
She recently distinguished herself in the world of drag by participating in the first season of Drag Race in France for which she rose to the final.

DJ set: NMSS

Sidney aka NMSS is a DJ-Producer, and promoter. Founder of the  collective, an association active in the nightlife of Strasbourg through which he invites during prestigious evenings big names like Slow Life, Tommy Vicari Jnr, Alien recordings (A² / Stopouts) Reedale Rise, J. Albert, Henrik Begqvist and more. He is now a resident on Kiosk Radio where he hosts a monthly podcast, and invites other artists for b2b sets. NMSS’s dj sets are inspired by the beginnings of electro, breakbeat, UK Bass, Jungle, Ghetto tech, Deconstructed club era and Ambient. Through the first EP of Flat Earth records, Panopticon, he links dystopia, twisted reality and conspiracy theory. Indeed, his productions plunge us into the concept of Panopticon.

Thursday 29
September 2022