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Performance 1: Soa de Muse

Thu 29 September 2022
Reset — Espace Polyvalente — 22:00

Soa de Muse

Soa de Muse show — France — 20'

Born thirty-three years ago in the suburbs, Soa de Muse likes to point out that she is not Parisian. Her origins are Martinique and Seine-Saint-Denis. A pride that she claims on the screen.

Soa de muse is a multidisciplinary artist (cabaret, theater and contemporary dance) and an amazing performer.
It was a man she met in Martinique who pushed her to enter the world of burlesque, a kind of show featuring an erotic striptease. She goes on to perform multiple times at Madame Arthur, a famous venue for drag shows.

Then, with three artist friends, she decided to open her own cabaret, La Bouche, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.
“I’m just an artist trying to explore an artistic material and make it my own,” she sums up.
She recently distinguished herself in the world of drag by participating in the first season of Drag Race in France for which she rose to the final.

Performance 1: Soa de Muse