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Opening: Screening 1

Thu 29 September 2022
Reset — Auditorium — 20:30

Natalia Escobar

Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau

ARIBADA — Germany / Colombia — 2022 — 30'

In the middle of the Colombian coffee region, Aribada, the resurrected monster, meets Las Traviesas, a group of indigenous transwomen from the Emberá tribes. The magical, the dreamlike and the performative coexist in their unique world.

Emre Busse

GODASSES – Part III: Jamal Phoenix — Germany — 2022 — 8'

For the final instalment in his GODASSES trilogy, Emre Busse conspires with trans porn talent Jamal Phoenix to redefine the desirable body outside of a hegemonic society’s normative restrictions and, because of the specific relationship that pornographic images have to their audience, fuck with a viewer’s assumed self-assurance as being a coherent sexual subject.

Porn’s specificity as a particular genre of representation lies in its almost visceral appeal to the spectator’s body as it elicits immediate somatic response; Richard Dyer speaks of pornography’s ability to “move” the body. The spectator suddenly feels their body, which manifests itself as something distinct over which we do not have full control. Pornography is not recognized by our intellect alone but, at least partly, perceived through bodily or emotional responses.

Thus, even the bodies of spectators that do not identify as gay might be moved upon encountering the scopophilic richness of Jamal Phoenix’ FTM body in action with other men: the body might move in ways that the mind did not anticipate. As a result of this disordering, or the apparent dissonance between mind and body that one possibly experiences, the genitals ultimately take off from binary sexed bodies and are merely immersed in a collective pursuit oriented towards the intensification of pleasure.

Leonardo Alan

PRIMEIRO ATO — Belgium / Brasil — 2022 — 5'

New video by Leonardo Alan (feat. Victoria Aparecida)

Joan Arki Langevin

BORN TO MOVE — Belgium — 2022 — 7'

How to affirm one’s identity through self-expression? This video-documentary is a poetic exchange between Eli Mathieu Bustos, dancer, and Joan Arki Langevin, director, on their relationship to the body and to gender. In the intimacy of the gesture, their voices question the colors of our world in order to make resonate their shades.

Opening: Screening 1