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Friday 1
October 2021
Tri Postal


Screening room

Join Szymon Adamczak as he unveils for the first time the findings of his artistic investigation into Bob’s life and death in Warsaw – a truly rich account of the lifelong legacy of a key witness of Eastern Europe’s queer history of resistance.



Our first screening invites viewers to a global tour of punchy, edgy short films from Belgium, France, Hungary, Poland, the US, and the UK. Amongst other highlights, this screening sees
the return of Karol Radziszewski to the screens of H.H., following the story of the creator of one of Eastern Europe’s first queer zines while drawing a rare portrait of the gay scene in the late
Polish People’s Republic.

special screening

screening room

Meu Corpo é Político follows the daily life of four LGBTQI+ activists living inthe outskirts of São Paulo. Capturing the vitality of Brazil’s transgender community, as well as the dangers and discriminations its members face, Alice Riff’s respectfully
observational documentary raises contemporary questions about trans people and their political disputes in a country where transphobia continues to run violently rampant.


Meetings room

The manifesto of a young afro-feminist, artist & sex worker for the freedom of bodies and the right to uninhibited sexuality. Following the #MeToo movement and the ignition of a broader debate on female sexuality, body-positive and pro-choice feminism, Bebe Melkor-Kadior raises above the crowd as one of the most exciting voices to be heard.

Meet Melkor-Kadior at the exclusivesigning of her latest book, brought to the Tri-postal by the Pépite Blues bookstore.

Performance 3

bar room

NOT ALLOWED is a group of dissident artists with pretty bodies because they are particular, beautiful stories because they are damaged, politicized fights because they are revolted: Pépé, an eloquent, indignant clown with deep roots, redefines pain because he is no longer afraid of it; Queer Faith And The Many, mystical chimeras with revolutionary and collective lyrics who sings stories of hope; Dame Lylybeth, gentle storyteller with a tragic pen that reminds us that reality needs updating; Blanket La Goulue, synchronizing her enraged lips on deprived content, she puts her finger on what is wrong.


Screening room

Through animations, a couple of short documentaries and a music video, this screening will tell you some rare stories: a young wolf’s misadventures in sex work; a violent romance between flamboyant predatory creatures by Leoluna; a portrait of Brazilian artist Fabio da Motta and his work with flower bondage; and the latest music video by Berlin’s band R. Talin, shot by Nicky Miller.

Performance 4

Bar Room

In their own words, they are an unidentifiable and dominant freak of the Night Realm, a gothic chameleon on acid, a cyborg with a fiery heart,
a futuristic lone knight. Non-binary, GenderFucker, Radically Queer! King Baxter is back on stage with their second album: REVENGE. King and their sidekick Maxime Pichon will shake the walls of Le Tri-Postal with dark poetry, original songs and remarkable covers.

Friday 1
October 2021
Tri Postal