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Fri 28 June 2024
Beursschouwburg — ZILVEREN ZAAL — 22:00

Because in every festival there is a celebration, we give you a sparkling and hot party as soon as night falls in the Zilveren Zaal and its rooftop. Two exclusive and explosive live shows, and a dancefloor entrusted to the best in the field: Legolane, back at Homografía for our greatest pleasure, and we welcome for the first time Stella K from the Call Of Dirty crew, rock’ on !


No tickets pre-sale. Available only at the entrance (€15 regular / €20 support)

Acid Lily

LIVE Acid Lily — Switzerland, Belgium — 45+'

Lily and her machines, for the first time outside her bedroom : fast life, cernes, stroboscopes, no sleep, no time, capitalism, anxiety, the planet is on fire, it never stops. In her room, she tries to make music. The only thing that seems to stop the madness. Synthethic booty shake, lonely selves, cutes plushies, a lot of bass and a sprinkle of love


LIVE Arto — Belgium — 20'

Arto started making music with his friend Lucy when they lived together in Barcelona 4 years ago. This first collaboration gave him an impulse – some of the tracks they made together are on this album. In 2023, Arto met talented musician Obsequeen, who could perfectly understand his ideas and translate them into excessive electro-pop productions.

His debut album Vulgar is his first-ever release. It had to be an album from the get-go, because the tracks are all intertwined and reflect a specific phase of his life. Vulgar is more than Arto’s album title, it’s a statement. In a music industry where pop is often seen as less, or even distasteful, Arto wants to reappropriate it as a liberating choice.

It’s dark but decadent; careless but deeply personal; glamorous but dirty; vulgar but vulnerable.


Stella K

DJ sets — 22:00-03:00'

Legolane is back at Homografía and we are delighted ! He draws inspiration from a wide range of genres, from Tech House to Pop, R&B and the glamorous world of ballrooms. On the dancefloor, he dominates with his good vibes and his unique style.

Stella K navigates through contemporary electronic dance music with a taste for unexpected blends and percussive layerings, coupled with a wide range of breaks. Jumping from one genre to the other while keeping the energy unmatched, her sets draw inspiration from heavy club music as well as more experimental scenes, playing with a sharpened crossfader, clashing various rhythms, breaks and four to the floor, harmony and dissonance, groove and emotion through her wide playlists including many pop anthems remixes (played unironically) and jungle/dnb gems from the late 90’s.