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Screening 5

Sat 01 October 2022
Recyclart — Main room — 21:15

What does it mean to be non-normative? Abnormal or just beyond any limiting idea of normality? Discover different answers to those questions in 3 films from Mexico, Germany and France in a screening about self-love, acceptance and the sense of self-worth that queer folks have had to develop since the beginning of times. Add a few glittery jewels and you are good to go, baby.

Nicky Miller

Pink Lips / Levres roses — Germany — 2021 — 4'

´Levres Roses´ is a sultry and poetic acid-ambient piece featuring the voice and words of interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker Nicky Miller. The music video is a collaboration of two artists : the composer Electrosexual (Romain Frequency) and Nicky Miller.

Manu Huesca

Maria Perkances

Venus en Joyxs — Mexico — 2020 — 6'

Coming from the greek word “terato” which means monster; Teratology is understood to be the scientific discipline that, within zoology, studies abnormal creatures, that is, those natural individuals in a species that do not respond to the common pattern. Therefore, a teratogenic agent would be any agent (chemical substances, viruses, environmental agents, physical factors and drugs) that act during embryonic or fetal development to produce a permanent alteration in form or function. In this sense “teratogenic“ jewelry would be a category to describe those ornaments that do not intend to build on hegemonic ideals of beauty; that would rather adorn and accompany bodies in becoming monsters; teratogenic agents that submit the body and intervene it to produce deformity as a political gesture; cuir jewels that serve as tools to dislocate and twist gender and beauty ideals; jewelry that blurs the boundaries of prosthetics and adornment. “TERATOGENIC JEWELS” is a series of live and video performances that merge high jewelry and bdsm practices in order to build queer images that question the hegemonic norms of beauty and class.

The body is a battlefield and in this video-performance we witness a ritual in which Perkances’s body gets ready for battle; inside a white space furnished with a mirror and a display case accompanied by a flower arrangement, we see Perkances sitting near the mirror and dressed in a black satin dress; with the assistance of a tailcoat-clad valet, he adorns himself with silver jewelery encrusted with pearls and semi precious stones: a choker with matching bracelet, a silver brooch, earrings, javelins and a chain with pearls and zircons with two stainless steel hooks at each end.After adorning his body with jewels, Perkances gets up and removes the dress.

The image of Venus is complete.

Hélène Alix Mourrier

Herman@s (les adelphes) — France — 2021 — 28'

One night in October 2011, a mysterious and prescient bird dream gave birth to Cuco, a transgender latex pirate.

Screening 5