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Performance 5: Symbiosix

Fri 30 September 2022
Recyclart — MAIN ROOM — 21:00

Nicky Lapierre

Nour Beetch

Symbiosix — BELGIUM — 17'

In a staging between fantasy and ritual, sexyness and empathy, HIRO build an ASMR immersive and multi-sensory performance, combining récits sensibles, poetry and techno trance orgasm. Enter through HIRO’s metamorphosis identity, where Nour Beetch and Nicky will take you on a trip into their intimacy while questioning sex work and transmutations. Come have a peak at their porn backstage. Between voyeurism and documentary, the performers create a transtemporal and fusional bubble, which freezes the imagination and invites the public to immerse themselves in their fantasies and share their sweetest secret. Driven by desire, deviance and transgression, the performers invites you to dance on the old world’s ashes.

Performance 5: Symbiosix