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Fri 29 September 2023
Reset — Auditorium — 23:30

Here we are, presenting 3 short-movies: 2 about groups of friends, siblings, chosen-family sharing experiences, struggle, joy and questioning themself.
In this journey of transformation, we discover that breaking free from societal norms, embracing new viewpoints, and reevaluating our emotions are essential steps toward personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world around us. Join us in exploring the salty taste of first experiences, the redefinition of disgust, and the joyful celebration.
In today’s ever-evolving world, the narratives we embrace are no longer confined to traditional norms. Instead, we are on a collective journey of self-discovery, pushing the boundaries of societal expectations, and redefining our emotional landscapes.

We will learn many things about being empathic but also – for example – How to make a “Soap Piss” with feelings with the third short-movie.
Welcome to a world where boundaries are blurred, emotions are liberated, and transformation knows no bounds. 

Pawel Thomas Larue

Boys in the water — France — 2022 — 40:00'

End of summer on the Breton coast. Oscar invites his group of friends to spend a week’s vacation at his grandparents’ house. Its his first return to the childhood holidays and memories since coming out as a trans boy. On the beach, the gang meets Malo, a handsome local guy, also trans. From the first glance, the desire disappears. However, faced with the lightness and casualness of Malo, from whom almost everything seems to separate him, nothing is simple for Oscar. The story is that of their meeting, which will turn everything upside down. The salty taste of the first times you take the plunge.

Arthur Guilleminot

Empathic Boot-Camp to Disgust: Piss Soap — Netherlands — 2021 — 13:17'

Today, we learn together how to make our own piss soap. Follow the training and be sure to embrace new territories of your ecodeviance and decolonize your western vision of Disgust.

The Empathic Boot-Camp to Disgust is a collection of online encounters aiming to reinvent the western vision of Disgust; tools as part of new flows of redefinition of our social constructions. This emotion has been constructed to fit the patriarchal standards of a capitalistic society and reinforce the normalisation of emotions and identities.

Disgust is a bodily reaction, a mental contagion that pushes us away from the unknown, the dirty, and the strange.
The training will aim to reverse the apparatus of Disgust.

La Fille Renne

Dancing Bodies — France, Germany — 2019 — 05:42'

Dancing Bodies is a joyful and sexual ode to sorority.