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Fri 29 September 2023
Reset — Auditorium — 18:30

As we love experimentation and the blending of different representations, aesthetics, subjects, kinks, and emotions. This is it! Delightful, provocative, and empowering declarations focused on the exploration of human relationships and identitie. They all delve into the complexities of human connection, whether it’s through partnerships, love, sexuality, or self-discovery. Question conventional conceptions of love and identity, the fluidity of relationships or the rejection of body stereotypes. Each of them offers a unique journey, whether it’s a physical through different landscapes or an emotional through the evolution of one’s sexuality and self.

Lisette Lombé

Cloé du Trèfle

POUR ALLER DANSER — Belgium — 2023 — 3:47'

POUR ALLER DANSER by Lisette Lombé and Cloé du Trèfle Excerpt from the show and the future album “Brûler Danser”
Text: Lisette Lombé Music: Cloé du Trèfle
Production of the clip: Elisa VDK

Saturne Camus-Govoroff

Li Tavor

REGARDING THE FUTURE I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY — Switzerland — 2022.23 — 16:19'

« regarding the future I have nothing to say » is a movie on partnership. With this work, Li Tavor and Saturne Camus-Govoroff depict a specific moment of transition in their respective lives as well as in their relationship. Constantly observing each-other and actively reflecting on their link, the duo shares their attend to dismantle normative conceptions of love.

In this movie, Li Tavor and Saturne Camus-Govoroff are both filmmakers and characters, companions and strangers. These dynamics are articulated around the central role of the camera, that exposes the one acting in front of it as much as the one holding it. Thus the camera becomes a tool reinforcing trust between the two individuals, sometimes creating distance.

With this video work the two artists are examining their own gaze and try to find new ways of watching each-other. Considering the fluidity of their relationship, of their emotions and their own physicality, how they both present themselves is not only about performing. It is also a matter of breaking free from expectations and embodying different facettes of their personalities with spontaneity.

Samia Dzaïr

LE POIDS DE LA TERRE EN GRAMMES — Belgium, France, Algeria — 2022 — 5:11'

In a world that seems extraterrestrial, landscapes reminiscent of our world stand out and come together to form a whole.

Lazare Lazarus

BOUCHES DU RHÔNE — France — 2021 — 14:04'

On the shores of the Bouches-du-Rhône, two lovers film each other in the burning garrigue of the Mont Rose, a large limestone rock beaten by the sun, before reaching the Camargue, a salt-laden landscape, more deserted, made of windy dunes, shreds of riparian vegetation and swamps.
Their journey ends at the lighthouse of Beauduc, isolated between the ponds and the sea, to test their desire.

Lee Campbell

SLANGBANG — United Kingdom — 2023 — 01:52'

In gay male slang, ‘bears’ and ‘cubs’ refer to body shapes and age groups, a ‘bear’ usually refers to a hairy plus size man whilst a ‘cubs a younger bear. An ‘otter’ is a slimmer hairy man whilst a ‘wolf’ is an older daddy. A kaleidoscope of gay male bodies – Busby Berkeley style,SLANGBANG explores the idea of being codified by a set of occularcentric taxonomic principles that are meant to determine who you are as a person and how you function in a relationship.

Claudio Yurdadön

Fragments of Fluidity — Belgium, USA — 2023 — 05:46'

“Fragments of Fluidity” is a collection of sequences that intimately explore the ever-evolving nature of identity. Through the interplay of light and dark, shadows, and angles, this short film embarks on a journey of existentialism, inviting viewers to contemplate the relationship between the self and the world.

It examines the dance of shadows and light, offering a reflection on the reconnection between our inner selves and the natural world that surrounds us. In a world where identity is fluid, the film questions the boundaries that define us and the transformative power of embracing both our light and darkness.

“Fragments of Fluidity” employs intricate recursions, loops, and spirals to decode the patterns of thought and logic that shape our sense of self. As we traverse through the labyrinth of the mind, the film encourages mindfulness, compelling us to journey deeper within the recesses of our being.

The film confronts the specters of deep-rooted traumas, anxieties, and fears. It is a profound exploration of the queer condition, where the search for identity transcends the surface and ventures into the heart of our innermost struggles.

This short film is a meditative and thought-provoking experience that challenges viewers to embrace the transformative power of self-discovery. “Fragments of Fluidity” is a visually poetic and emotionally resonant testament to the ever-shifting landscape of our inner worlds, inviting us to confront our shadows and emerge into the light.

La Fille Renne

While I'm Still Breathing — France, Germany — 2019 — 12:25'

In a three movement narrative, the movie depicts the roughness and softness of the journey through a woman’s sexuality. From that little girl inspired by the painted models of Paul Delvaux and Klimt, to her first sensual gestures as a teenager and her experience as a stripper, we gradually see a woman unfold. With great intimacy and sensitivity, she reveals herself through the sensual relationship to her own feminity and to those who once shared her intimacy.