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Yoann Hourcade


Yoann is above all a dancer and choreographer. After growing up in La RĂ©union, he moved to Paris to train in contemporary dance at the National Superior Conservatory (CNSMDP). He then performed for various choreographers (Tatiana Julien, Christian Ubl, Claire Jenny, etc.) and collaborated with directors as an assistant, lighting manager or even an outsider (Amelia Nanni, Alix Taccardo, etc.). In 2017, he set up a company, blandine, to carry dance pieces and performances, notably the Supernova quartet the same year. In addition, he participated in the programming of a film club at Doc from 2018 to 2021, as well as in the creation in 2020 of Radio Galoche, a free self-managed web radio, and the various editions which have taken place since. On the side, he sews and makes objects, costumes and clothes and practices film photography and video. After training in Computer Assisted Music, he began to develop a musical practice and has recently collaborated with Camille Desombre with whom he has a sound reading project.