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Stella K


Stella K is a DJ and music curator based between Brussels and Paris where she has been making a name for herself in the nightlife and music scene for the past few years, as well as in the surrounding countries (France, UK, Germany, Scotland…). She’s part of the Brussels based label and collective Sal de Fete, as well as a resident of Call of Dirty, a recurring queer event at renowned Belgian club C12. She navigates through contemporary electronic dance music with a taste for unexpected blends and percussive layerings, coupled with a wide range of breaks. Jumping from one genre to the other while keeping the energy unmatched, her sets draw inspiration from heavy club music as well as more experimental scenes, playing with a sharpened crossfader, clashing various rhythms, breaks and four to the floor, harmony and dissonance, groove and emotion through her wide playlists including many pop anthems remixes (played unironically) and jungle/dnb gems from the late 90’s. 

Whether it’s by curating her show Deframing the club on Lyl Radio Paris or through her Ola Radio High Rollers residency, she’s always aiming to make space for FLINTA talents to express themselves and for the audience to experiment new sonorities and discover avant-garde musicians from around the world. She’s also been a teacher in the Psst Mlle Djing workshops program at Beursschouwburg Brussels, to share her Djing skills and knowledge to help underrepresented people experiment on practices they often hardly have access to.