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Marie Darah


A fluid poet who respects the living.
Marie Darah, actor, author, slammer, sociocultural workshop provider. Writes by mocking borders and genres. Belgian and European Slam champion in 2021, published by Maelström Depuis que tu n’as pas tiré, a story between tale and slam. To which they gave body and voice with Cloé du Trèfle au Rideau de BXL.
Sous le Noir du Tarmac was published in 2022 by the same publisher. In 2023, they were named international champion in Cyprus and received an African Artistic Award in literature. Their next collection Meutes was released by Editions des Midis Poésie.

They work in close collaboration with the associative sectors at the social and educational level. In order to rethink the world by deconstructing its systems of oppression.