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Leala is a French artist and soprano.

They have been studying singing from a young age as choir member as well as individually in the
Conservatoire of Toulon in France. After a secondary diploma focusing on languages, literature, and
fine art, they started a fine art undergraduate with a focus on videography and sound installations,
during those years they were able to develop critical thinking, in relation to artwork as well as
creative process. They then entered the Brussels Royal Conservatorium in which they studied singing,
during those years they were able to deepen their knowledge of singing and music.

Rich of those experiences they were able to develop still on-going research about sound materiality
as well as topic close to their heart such as gender equality and LGBTQIA+ identities within music.
Throughout their life they have been passionate about these subjects and eager to speak out.

They are now continuing their studies in the RCA (Royal Conservatorium of Antwerp) in which they
are exploring a more plural approach of music and art. What they hope to accomplish is diversifying
the way opera is envisioned and performed. To do so, they are interested in using musical theatre as
well as more classical productions whose approach would align with their values.

Leala is also collaborating with organisations working with primary school children and wish to
explore in what way vocal music can serve educational purposes towards children.