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La Morrigasme


A multidisciplinary artist, La Morrigasme is a mix of stripclub culture (pole, lapdance, strip), burlesque stripping and queer drag. “I make all his stage costumes myself with a specialty in mask work. The question of the representation of the AFAB body is central in all my works. I am keen to play on the edge between attraction and repulsion and regularly uses the figure of the strange (returning to the very origin of the word “queer”) to destabilize the expectations of an audience in relation to the codes of sexy. Before turning to the performing arts, I devoted two years of my life to the study of pornography in Europe. These reflections have inevitably had an impact on the way I currently live my job as an erotic performer, an activity that I personally consider to be political and whose fundamental my approach is the radical appropriation of my own body as a queer person AFAB.