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Jaouad Alloul


Artist & entrepreneur Jaouad Alloul is an artistic chameleon par excellence. Pastry chef by education, he took his first steps on stage as a drag
queen. Many years later, he has emerged to the storyteller he is today.

For him, singing, acting, dancing, presenting, directing, photography, film, art & fashion are one giant playground.

  • Music: In 2021 he released his debut album Messias, followed by a
    tour with a live band through Brussels and Flanders to places such
    as AB Club, Dranouter XL, OLT Rivierenhof, Het Depot, De Centrale,
    De Roma & Sfinks Mundial XL.
  • Production company: together with Jeroen Vanluyten he founded
    Sjamaan, a production company where writing, thinking & creating
    is the basic equipment for every creative journey.
  • Theatre: to this day his monologue ‘De Meisje’ remains a universal
    story that connects young and old throughout different cultures. At
    the end of 2022, Jaouad premiered ‘Venus In Libra’ at Toneelhuis in
    Antwerp, a performance that depicts the search for a world in
    balance against the backdrop of nightlife.
  • Writing: His first book, ‘De Meisje’, was published in February 2023.
    It tells the fictional life story of Idriss, who – while growing up – is in
    a constant battle with his environment and ultimately with himself to
    be who he is.
    Jaouad embodies different identities, which he likes to express
    throughout his activism and entrepreneurship. Like no other, he plays
    with the theme of gender, he does not shy away from controversial

He is often asked as an expert on themes such as gender, sexuality, religion and migration. The many intersections in his identity and his
work in secondary schools with the performance ‘Zeemeermin’ provide the basis for his expertise. He constantly steps out of his comfort zone, an absolute must that
Jaouad combines with an unstoppable urge to tell stories.