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Hugo Mega


Hugo Mega is a Transformative Coach, Imagery Therapist and activist for healing, equality and gender justice. Originally from Portugal he is based in Brussels, Belgium for more than a decade.

Since 2018 he has been coaching individuals through renewal and transformation processes.
Combining the strength of transformative coaching with imagery therapy he creates a strong and supportive approach to coaching and learning for healing processes and personal development.

He is the founder of Male Identities, a project dedicated to facilitating conversations and workshops around the deconstruction of patriarchy, personal conditioning and embodied awareness. Using a feminist perspective, he supports individuals and organizations in finding wholeness, integrity and access to a more conscious, just and balanced inner and outer environment.

Hugo is a faculty member of Coach Masters Academy, being a program director and coach trainer for online trainings. He is also a mentor and coach supervisor, supporting coaches on their ongoing development journey towards coaching mastery.