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Clara Van Severen


Clara is a Brussels born director and filmmaker who graduated from KASK School of Arts (Ghent Royal Fine Arts Academy) in 2023.
She specializes in fiction, but picks up a documentary project every once in a while. She also likes collaborating with artists from other art forms and media such as music and dancing, which often appear in her own films. She has a fascination for the trance/hypnosis the two combined can provoke, which makes you physically surrender to it.

In her creative process, she often starts from something personal and tries to find the universal component in it, to develop it into something many people can identify with. Her work is identifiable through recurring themes such as friendship, a need for genuine connections and meaningful encounters, and a focus on experiences and emotions. Her last two films portray a vulnerable period of young people hovering between being children and adults.

She tries to bring out the immersive character in all of her projects and plays with film’s double status as art and entertainment to reach a broad audience, by giving them the opportunity to climb into someone else’s shoes and experience the world through their eyes. In this way, her focus is on combining the artistic, emotional and socio-political in work that is as meaningful (and engaged) as it is enjoyable and relatable.