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Nicolas, whom everyone calls Allobonsoir, likes to create images from portraits he takes. The artist speaks of creating images because the purpose does not lie in the photographic shooting but in the work done afterwards: sometimes using plastic means or digital retouching, but mainly via 3D. By transforming the photographic medium, Allobonsoir creates portraits that question the notion of identity, a concept that is not fixed nor essential. He plays with the codes that surround this notion and diverts them. He questions fluidity in the digital age, social and especially aesthetic issues. How to create a link between the portrait and the model, how to play with pop culture references, how can a portrait be a place of reappropriation…

He depicts life stories other than his own, lives that challenge the artist, move him. He mainly works this imaginary around his circle of friends, trying to make their individuality and irreverence shine through the world surrounding them, world that they often find too narrow.