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Saturday 30
September 2023



Since 2019 at the ERG – Brussels’ Ecole de Recherche Graphique -, the cursus IP B — installation performance bachelors, led by Lucille Calmel, assisted by Clyde Lepage then Eglantine Chaumont, is constituted of approx. 40 students each year. Processes of collective performance improvisation are developed there, particularly, in order to create relationships with listening, space, spontaneous composition, the trace, and with presences, actions, corporality, orality, sonorities, raw… etc. For Homografía, the students will attempt  to create a dialogue with thematics arising from queer communities.

Performing artists:

Ash Périer, Athena Arcas Alvarez, Barbe*, Cecilie Fang Jensen, Elisabeth Van Goethem Sgarioni, CiëL Orjollet, Cléo Lambert, Elle Marchese, Giulia Bonfiglio, Loïs Soleil, Rose Pacra, Selim Clérin, Victoria Primina

Peepshow 2


Following our values concerning body positivity, the peepshow is an exclusive installation by Homografía. It observes erotica lives and fantasies through a lense.  Blurring the lines between sexuality, performing arts and kinky practices, trans* pornstar Jamal Phoenix is our special guest ; he will be accompanied by other amazing performers of the tease: La Morrigasme flirting with a disturbing strangeness, Klitorine both tender and rough, and the gogos of your dreams Sweet Giant Merman and Rama Zo.



From the public toilettes to the multiple dating apps, down in the secret backrooms or inside the inclusive sex parties, the way we cruise has evolve and change along with the way we explore our sexualities.



How does the body transform itself to become the object and subject of seduction? How far does it go to achieve pleasure?

Hunting grounds is a choreographic solo that explores the proximity between pleasure and danger within cruising spaces.

during this piece, the artist might seek interaction with the audience, under the rule of consent. Do not feel obliged to act upon the invitation to interact if you don’t feel comfortable.



Join us for an engaging screening of thought-provoking short films that delve deep into the realms of gender, identity, and self-discovery. These diverse films challenge conventional narratives and invite viewers to explore the intricacies of the human experience.

Books signatures

Space ERG

Second session of the festival’s exclusive book signature sessions, in collaboration with bookstore Tulitu. The socio-anthropologist Laurent Gaissad, with his book “Hommes en chasse. Chroniques territoriales d’une sexualité secrète” (Presses Universitaires de Paris Nanterre, 2020), offers a best seller and a fine reading of the sexual territories of men among themselves. It is in line with his previous work that led him to study, among other things, the discourses, places and practices related to male North African prostitution (Gaissad, 2010) or gay party circuits (Gaissad, 2013). 

Last but not least, our very own King Baxter will sign copies of their book Traverser le Nocturne (Les Editions de la Trémie, 2022): a temporal location, their writing is of a therapeutic sort and traverses the life of a gender non-conforming person, King Baxter.



Many faced and many bodied; floating, crushing, flying, running, the trio  by Nour Beetch, Leala and Butchibou tells an ordinary tale. A performative experiment from the margins and the centre. Getting naked has many meanings… Join them for a poetic-strip-opera on the sound of the magic Sophew.



A piece with two artists, June & Caim, exploring their trans* lesbian intimacy. A poem  recited by Caim, “my love is one of a dyke and a dyke love is peculiar this dyke love smells of ferns and rotten words and sweat and blood this dyke love is strong and tells me it will feel right…” As the poem progresses, June gradually removes the needles, in a kinky – amorous – intimate ritual, making the blood flow at the same time as Caim makes the story of their love flow.

Warning: this performance makes use needle and blood play and could be triggering or disturbing to some audiences. 



In a world where identity and self-expression take center stage, three narratives unfold. Lukas Avendaño, a Muxe artist, grapples with the disappearance of their brother in a sea of missing persons, while exploring the power of poetry and dance. In the second movie, a contemplative voice explores the enigmatic nature of desire and self-discovery. In a gritty gym, Lino and Loana navigate the blurred lines of their relationship and the pursuit of ultimate victory in the boxing ring.

Amidst ambiguity and connection, these movies converge inside a fluidity of identity, relationships, and artistic expression.



In the public square, two entities, one biological, one mechanical, give rise to a social experience. In a march eventful by the hazards 1 and 1 must give careful consideration to overcome and transform the blows into memory, the words into echo, the scratches into nature, the fire into rebirth.

Closing party

RESET Club (Rue de la Banque 7)

Last but not least, the closing party at Reset Club promises to be the hottest event in town, and helps to support the festival. We are delighted to welcome GÆRALDxoxo back, and some enchanted sets of dark wave, house and techno, thanks to Frau Diamanda, who comes from Barcelona. For the first time Longavida, Legolane and Rescue will make you sweat and dance the night away.  For safer arrival, you will find a changing room next to the cloakroom. There is a playroom for you to explore. Remember our basic rules of consent & care to party safely.

  • Tickets at the door of the club or in pre-sale at the RESET during the festival hours
  • price: €15 standard (or €10 for people in financial difficulties)
  • Cash OR card at the entrance
  • Only Card inside the club
  • There is a cloakroom and a cloakroom fee in the club

Saturday 30
September 2023