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Screening of short 2

Fri 04 October 2019
Halles Saint-Gery — 21:15

This screening starts with a documentary describing the journey of a gay Nigerian refugee seeking asylum in Germany to finish with the romance & terror of a simple kiss. Featuring a video-performance and music clips, as well as experimental fiction, all of which are exploring identity, empowerment, subversive fantasies or sexuality in the age of internet …

Leandro Goddinho

Refuge — Germany/Brazil — 2017 — 10'

He was forced to leave Nigeria to save himself, and his love.

The journey of a gay African refugee seeking asylum in Germany. Series of documentary shorts on LGBTQ+ Diaspora

Damien Petitot

[Tu^^] — Belgium — 2013 — 3.40'

This video is a short experiment about ours digitals relationships and the obsession of communication. The digital artefacts in the images are generated by inserting words (in french and english) directly in the source code of the video file. The words inserted inside the code are revealed using subtitles. The computer “answers” to these misunderstood words generating errors, making come out his sensitive side, his capacity to manage disorder in binary code.

Matt Lambert

HIS SWEAT — Germany — 2017 — 3.40'

An up close and intimate look into the beauty of  His Sweat captured by photographer and filmmaker Matt Lambert.

Yvan Megal

AMNESIE — Belgium — 2017 — 4.25'

Two people in a restaurant move to a quite room to talk. Though they have been talking to each other during the evening, one can’t remember the name of the other one. Featuring Juriji der Klee.

Cathal O’Brien

THE QUEENS — United Kingdom — 2017 — 4.5'

A film by a queen starring two queens for two New York queens celebrating the queens that came before us. Featuring New York’s Sussi and London’s Joey.

Nicky Miller

PORN WARRIORS — Germany — 2018 — 6.2'

“If there is a war it has to be porn!”

“Porn warriors” is dealing with sexual energies as a war mindset.

The moto and mindset is based on porn relationship to make this fight a glorification of Queer Sex!

Eoin Maher

THIRST — United Kingdom — 2017 — 9'

Drew leaves another disappointing gay hook up and wonders why he feels so alone. This experimental monologue delves deep into the mind of a lonely gay man. His desires, his insecurities and his wavering belief he’ll find love. Why can’t he get what he wants? Maybe its everyone else. Maybe its him.

Matt Lambert

BUTT MUSCLE — Germany — 2017 — 4'

Featuring fashion designer Rick Owens on the receiving end of a golden shower, a set covered in all kinds of fluids, creative sex toys, plenty of naked flesh and the hint of penetration, this clip doesn’t stop to consider the limits of taste and decency and my god, it’s all the better for it.

Slava Mogutin

Brian Kenny

SM COLLIDER — United States — 2014 — 2.3'

coming soon…

Leandro Goddinho


A video performance exploring the romance and terror of a simple kiss. The second part of the documentary series on LGBTQ+ Diaspora.

Screening of short 2