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Sat 01 October 2022
Recyclart — Office — 18:30

Let’s gather around a circle and put our cards on the table! In this workshop we will trace our path by collectively brainstorming what needs to be deconstructed. By tapping into our collective wisdom we can map out themes and tools to design a series of trajectories of deconstruction that can best support us individually and collectively.


Hugo Mega

Workshop by Hugo Mega (Liminal)

Deconstruction.s Patriarchy can be described as a mechanism that creates unequal power structures according to gender, that intersect with other forms of oppression and inequality across the whole social-political sphere. It lingers in our unconscious, invisibly infecting our ways of being, interacting and positioning in the world.

Everyone’s conditioning and range of privilege is unique, and only parts of it are visible to us. Deconstruction is a practice of becoming aware, understanding and transforming the social constructions that do not serve us. We intend to do this from inside-out, collectively looking inward to observe how patriarchy shapes us.

Join our circle and put your cards on the table. Let us create pathways of deconstruction that support us individually and collectively. In this workshop we provide you with the tools to map your own trajectory towards a more authentic, conscious, and inclusive philosophy.

Hosted by LIMINAL with Hugo Mega and Michiel van der Padt. Limited capacity, please register your participation writing to info@lagarçonnièreprod.com