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Screening 4

Fri 30 September 2022
Recyclart — MAISON JAUNE — 23:30

Intensity. Fluids. Colors. In this screening, 5 short films from Belgium, France, Sweden United Kingdom and Spain prove us that anything is possible. We could be rejecting ourselves and going through extreme situations. We could be feeling better about our bodies being attached, dominated, under the control of someone else. We could be in the future, recovering from fluorescent slime.

Joseph Wilson

Isn't It A Beautiful World — United Kingdom — 2021 — 13'

Queer performers lip-sync to archival confessionals of unknown provenance as they explore abandoned spaces of abject neglect. The blurring of time and place creates an air of the unknown, but not the intangible. Through their evocative performances, Soroya, Harry & Kenya render an all-too-familiar story for members of the LGBTQIA+ community of loneliness, traumatisation, and marginalisation. But, as the title suggests, this unplaceable world is also a reverie of immense, heart-gripping beauty.

Marit Östberg

Hold — SWEDEN — 2021 — 14'

Hold is a film about the dynamics of intimacy in BDSM. About being together in our longings, our pain and the total stillness.

Neill De Cock

La Bouche Sèche (Dry Mouth) — BELGIUM — 2021 — 8'

LA BOUCHE SÈCHE (DRY MOUTH) tells the story of two boys who wake up together after a night of partying. During their morning they explore each other’s expectations in search for intimacy.

Ludwig Oskarsson

White Room — FRANCE — 2021 — 5'

Locked, alone, I take refuge in the hyper stereotyped eroticism of homosexual pornographic films and in the melancholy memories of parties filmed by my mobile phone.
White room is a graphic and intimate, immersive and progressive experimental journey, where images are destroyed until they become matter.”

Oriol Rovira

L'Intrùas — SPAIN — 2020 — 10'

Sito hates the countryside, the smell of slurry and his village life, but he has never left the rural area where he was born, nor does it seem that the possibility of doing so can end his discomfort. Attracted by a strong desire towards the male erotic, Sito lives immersed in a crusade to destroy the stimuli that connect him with those repressed feelings that he has latent inside him. From these circumstances, violence appears uncontrollably.

Ceven Knowles

How to change your mind — Germany — 2021 — 4'

(How to) Change Your Mind is a breathy and sultry downtempo jam inspired by the writings o fMichael Pollan on psychedelic psychotherapy and the history of psychedelics. It is about the powerof one’s mind, and how much control one can develop over it.

The trippy music video is directed by interdisciplinary Queer visual artist and long-time collaborator Ceven Knowles who already directed the video for “The way they make you feel” .

Electrosexual says: “I am especially interested in the studiesabout psychedelic psychotherapy as a way of changingyour mindset, a sort of reset to break our negative repetitive patterns, caused by breaking up or loss or simply as anantidote to our often stubbornly narrow minds.”

Screening 4