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Talk with Didier Lestrade

Fri 01 October 2021
Tour à plomb — Tour à Plomb — 18:30

H.H. and Le Centre Tour à Plomb are proud to welcome and present Didier Lestrade – co-founder of Act-up Paris, music-aficcionado, prolific writer, and the journalist behind the creation of several gay fanzines and magazines, including the iconic Têtu.

Didier Lestrade


For more than 30 years, Lestrade has been at the forefront of the fight against AIDS, traveling the world to live and write about activism, dance music, politics, and the gay community. In 2005, he founded the website Minorités, where decolonial activists and LBGTQIA+ meet. Releasing his tenth book “I Love Porn”, Lestrade is one of H.H. 2021’s special guests and invites visitors to an open talk (in French) about his personal and professional journeys, filled with activism, desire, porn and dance music.

Practical info: moderated by Guilhem Lautrec in French, followed by drinks in the Open Foyer.

Talk with Didier Lestrade