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Fri 30 September 2022
Recyclart — Main room — 18:30

Who says sluts don’t love? A smooth, sweet, and yet hot screening to start the second day of H.H. as tenderly as a passionate foreplay. Join our second screening for a selection of shorts films mixing tenderness, romance, submission and confidence. Meeting new siblings in the middle of the night, experimenting love through all kinds of ways, and letting tight ropes untie your inner power. Romance has never been so psychedelic.

Romain Vennekens

Flowing Spirits — Belgium — 2021 — 7'

This is a ritual celebrating five individuals who are getting rid of the norms and move beyond the binary. Here gender becomes liquid, a substance in perpetual motion. Blue and red, like two powerful energies, slowly mix as the beat gets heavier. Moving and dancing, the five creatures become guides, instigators of change. This video was shot with five non-binary artists who live and work in Belgium. It was shot in the basement of Geeraard the Devil Castle, a 13th century gothic architecture building in Ghent.

James Cooper

Drawings of my BF — United Kingdom — 2021 — 7'

The artist Wilfrid Wood and his muse Theo Adamson have, over the course of their relationship, produced hundreds of drawings together.

Having first met on a gay hook-up app, the two lovers discuss the romantic ideals and human realities of that dynamic, and the role that art has played in bringing artist and model together as BFs.

Anna Margarita Albelo

L'EXIT — France — 2000 — 5'

A little gem from the nineties by legendary La Chocha with Axelle Le Dauphin. The end of an affair: it’s always darkest before the dawn. Four and a half intense minutes set to splendid music by Radiohead.

Thomas Roget

A Kinbaku Journey 2 - Stone — France — 2022 — 20'

Ropes, two men, an exchange of control, sensations.
A bamboo and a stone.

This is a captation of a shibari session, more than bondage, it’s connexion and sensations of two people.

Clara Van Severen

Demons can't catch us — Belgium — 2021 — 22'

Leen, Elektra and Romain cross paths at a techno party. Their common passion for the underground electronic music scene unites them for the span of one night and this ephemeral friendship will leave its mark on each of them. We follow them through Brussels as they party until the early morning light, we hear about their fears and doubts and we witness their connection grow throughout the night.