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Fri 29 September 2023
Reset — Peepshow — 21:00

Olga Kalashnikova


Minnie Fetish

Peepshow — 45'

Exploring new territories, this year’s festival offers an exclusive installation especially designed for your very (?) eyes/for your eyes only, a peepshow like you have never seen before. Indulge yourselves in the guilty pleasure of watching the crème de la crème of erotica performers : Olga Kalashnikova invites you to explore her erotic dream where the line between voyeurs and participants blurs; expect heat, moistness, viscous oil and stifled sighs ; Butchibou dances & bends ovA (?) your heart, cancer moon ascendant in HOE, he’ll make you freak out .. – sit down, open your eyes & senses wide and dive into the deeeeeeep (peep) ; finally, welcome Minnie Fetish who will confess her desires and fantasies, inviting you to the adventure of her uninhibited sexuality.