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Vincent Clavaguera


Vincent Clavaguera lives in Brussels. Born in Perpignan (France), Vincent Clavaguera-Pratx follows a choreographic training from an early age at the Conservatoire National de Danse d’Avignon . He also got trained later in theatre within the Auvray Nauroy school in Paris. From 2007 he performed in several productions from Dance to Theatre, Opera and Performance with amongst other Carolyn Carlson, Claudio Bernardo, Battezato/Blandini (Teatri del Vento), Olivier Py, Guesch Patti, Olivier Balazuc, Christophe Béranger/Jonathan Pranlas Descourt and lately Dries Verhoeven . Throughout his career, questions of gender, identity and sexuality were of particular importance to him. Particularly with the work of Cisco Aznar around cross-dressing, Claudio Bernardo and the character of Cassandra , but also with Jeremy Tran’s film « Uranus » and at the moment with Dries Verhoeven and « The Narcosexuals » . Also, he co-wrote and performed with his sister, Marie Clavaguera Pratx, « A l’origine de nos tourments ». From the characters of Electra and Oreste, they explore their relationship and in a broader field, questions of identity through the family spectrum.