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texas and glory is a collective of two artists defining themselves as feminist art punks. the main topics we are working on are sexuality, gender identity and lgbttiq* from a queer feminist perspective. amongst others, we are expressing our ideas through videos, photographs and graphic novels.

texas, female, lesbian, based in germany.
feminist art punk. my passion is experimental art.

glory, non-binary, omnisexual, based in the world.
i am the rational conscience, maybe the fear that lurks within us all.

vitae texas and glory are born and at home in the world. we have a passport but we got it by chance and without doing anything for it. both of us graduated from university. an academic education is something we consider as a privilege. is it important to know what nationality, gender, skin colour, or degree an artist has? is it important which museum exhibited an artist, which jury selected their films, who gave them an award or which magazine printed their photos? to us, it’s meaningless because that’s not our motivation and each selction is based on a decision of an individual person or jury. no selection is objective. art is not objective.

nevertheless, many thanks to the lovely de-construkt team for choosing us to work with their art community in new york city.


Source: www.texas-glory.com