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Szymon Adamczak


Szymon Adamczak (1991, he/his, born in Poznań, Poland) is a dramaturg, writer, theatre and performance maker working across disciplines. He has a vital interest in HIV-related culture and transnational queer activism. Alum of DAS Theatre and a current fellow of THIRD program for artist-researchers at DAS Research. As a dramaturg he specializes in designing artistic processes, non-verbal, intimate and documentary work. In his own creations, Szymon weaves poetic imagination, visual sensitivity, theory and physical performance. 

With a background in organizing and programming in the arts, Szymon is interested in the proximity of artistic practice and civic engagement. In recent years he has been involved with the broad legacy of response to the HIV pandemic. Szymon is also engaged in initiatives fostering queer education and feedback – as an co-artistic coordinator of IPOP learning program at the ATD Amsterdam. He lives in Amsterdam and volunteers for Hiv Vereniging. Under the title “Goodbye to discretion” Szymon develops a body of research, workshops and lectures in relation to Bob Mellors, a co-founder of Gay Liberation Front UK, his life and activism, and ultimately tragic death in Warsaw in 1995.