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Piersten Leirom


He studied at the Regional Conservatory of Dance in Angers, at the Sophia Antipolis University of Nice in Performing Arts and at the International School of Audiovisual Creation and Production in Paris. From 2012 to 2020, he worked mainly as a dancer, actor and assistant director (movement) with the Italian physical theater ensemble Ricci/Forte. He has also collaborated with choreographer Alessia Gatta (2015) and director Falk Richter (2019). In parallel with his activity as a performer, he develops an artistic practice that he wants to be at the border of the living arts and the visual arts and which is interested in the concept of body plasticity. Through a minimal and reductionist approach, his works are distinguished by their exploration of the potential of resistance through the body and time relationship. He sees them as autonomous architectures where the action, radically stripped down, reduces the body to a matter’s state. His work has been presented at Studio LNA (2010) and Dansoir Karine Saporta (2011) in Paris, at the Pavillon Vendôme in Clichy (2014), at Point Ephémère in Paris (2015) and at the Maison des Arts in Malakoff (2016).