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Nour Beetch


Barbie Boy, X-director, $$$LUT Genderfxck, between acid sunsets and destroyed dolls, Noux Beetch speaks to us about high fem energy with dreaminess and irony. From Monster cans to leopard prints, they take you on a temporary journey of rebellions and flamboyance. An obscene, glamorous, queer, kitsch, and political free ride. To become freaks, chimeras and fulfill our healing potentials.

Nour Beetch (they/them) and Nicky Lapierre (he/him) are part of a multidisciplinary creative duo based in Brussels. They express their art and activism through photography, film, installation, written words and performance. Through these various medias, the duo self-documents their shared life, offering a radical and revolutionary point of view on the queer and trans experience. Together, they offer a soft and trashy universe, somewhere between porn and gore, tenderness and fantasy, in the form of images. They create a space for alternative, queer and safe fiction by deforming reality. Their work is authentic, kitsch and political, and a display of sensitivity and vulnerability. They use their bodies and their trans identities to create a new imagination for queer pleasure. With this in mind, they founded the P*rn Freaks Club, a production space for alternative and erotic digital art in 2022. In their artistic practice, Nour and Nicky reject imposed patriarchal and heterosexual norms and pushed the boundaries of desire and dominating aesthetics. By transgressing the sexual narratives and normative codes of art, the duo reveals the beauty, sensuality and eroticism of queer bodies.