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Sidney aka NMSS is a DJ-Producer, and promoter. Founder of the  collective, an association active in the nightlife of Strasbourg through which he invites during prestigious evenings big names like Slow Life, Tommy Vicari Jnr, Alien recordings (A² / Stopouts) Reedale Rise, J. Albert, Henrik Begqvist and more. He is now a resident on Kiosk Radio where he hosts a monthly podcast, and invites other artists for b2b sets. NMSS’s dj sets are inspired by the beginnings of electro, breakbeat, UK Bass, Jungle, Ghetto tech, Deconstructed club era and Ambient. Through the first EP of Flat Earth records, Panopticon, he links dystopia, twisted reality and conspiracy theory. Indeed, his productions plunge us into the concept of Panopticon.