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Kim Doan Quoc


Kim Doan Quoc (she/her,they/them) is a resident artist at DOC!, Paris. They explore installation, video and performance, highlighting the body, gender and the plant kingdom. They question the position of humans in nature, creating stories with multiple temporalities which provoke reflection on our relationship to life and the environment. The notion of “protected space” occupies a central place,  involving questions of social justice and ecology. They aspire to create environments nurturing preservation and blossoming, exploring the frontiers of art, social and ecological reflection.

Kim also explores the relationship between new technologies and nature, seeking to create hybrid spaces where man, machine and non-human living things collaborate in the development of an innovative language. Their recent creations take the form of immersive and sculptural pieces, activated by performances and by informative elements on the trans-species, enriching reflection on our place in the living world.Their artistic approach becomes an interactive platform, merging art, science and philosophy to stimulate a deeper understanding of our existence in an ever-changing world.