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Frau Diamanda


Frau Diamanda is a translator, writer, travesti audiovisual artist, drag performer, independent curator, cultural infector, visagist, Dj and occasional actress, specialising in transgender art and multimedia performance.

The photographic project Squat Personae is a work-in-progress that started in 2018 as an other way of conceiving and interacting with the heteronormative surroundings focused in the contrast of body and architecture setting the sexualization of spaces in motion. It is an aesthetic and sex-political research where desire and lust can take place without limitations imposed by the cis heteronormative gaze. In this case, the travesti eye through the lens of the camera tries to reframe and deconstruct real or concrete spaces from where she has been cast away. The squat places became a living laboratory for exploring gender, desire and sexualities flowing around in politicized sites where decaying architecture and bodies containing different desires meet in a crude dialogue. This project started as a photographic series of cis guys and then extended to migrant LGBTQI people in real squat atmospheres in Barcelona. It is also an artistic device developed by a travesti identity whose analysis becomes anthropological using many tools such as the hyperbolic, exaggerated and campy view that reflects our own way of seeing the world.