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Egutchi is a multidisciplinary artist born in France in 1997, originally from Japanese and Senegalese and based in Brussels since 2017.
After a bachelor’s degree in illustration, she obtained her master’s degree in Installation and Performances at Erg in 2022.

Through musical, visual and textual poetry, Egutchi explores the domain of the in-between. What lives in the space between its origins, its use of French and
Japanese, of his body and the way he is looked at and other dynamics relationships that translate into love stories.

This exploration is nourished by the identity of its cultures, racial and queer which journey from his privacy to the public.

His musical project exists in different forms – French-Japanese songs electro-pop with ambient synth pop soundtracks, serving performances
or cinematographic images – as an ode to cultural hybridization and a invitation to ambiguous landscapes.