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#masculinity.es #representations #diversity



Cleo Chrome is a project born from chromy functional surfaces & daily objects inspired by weapons as a way to reverse the gendered projections often put on habitat and its displays. Today, Cleo Chrome brings HeartxX out from les abysses. By building landscapes of melted nowadays references and twisted chains on lava-edged shapes, She designs body adornments ɱąɖɛ ₄ d₃₃p{s₃lf}Lₒᵥ₃ᵣₓₓ in a genderful perspective ࿐ Through adornment, Cleo Chrome questions ways of embracing identities by producing empowerment tools, blazing armors to highlight & emphaze our chests, necks & bodies as it should be 🝮⏟✧