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Claudio Yurdadön


Claudio Yurdadön (They/he) is a Turkish/American artist, statistician, and a creative at Queef. Their work navigates the intersection of divergent cultures, sparking a critical exploration of societal norms and gender roles. Their work is a nuanced exploration of themes encompassing gender identity/expression, relationships with the self and other, and the essence of existence.

Expressed through poetry, photography, and video sequences, their art weaves the interplay of light and shadow into a reconnection with both self and the natural world. They employ techniques like recursions and mindfulness to unveil the intricacies of thought and logic, encouraging introspection and the transcendence of deep-rooted traumas, anxieties, and fears.

Their art invites us to question conventions and embark on journeys of self-discovery, striking a balance between cultural critique and an exploration of the human experience.