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Callie Rose Petal


Callie Rose Petal is a multidisciplinary artist-activist releasing neoclassical darkwave music as ‘lonely carp’. Focused primarily on unresolvable dualities and attempting to express the ineffable through artefact, Callie is fascinated by the abrasive, in whatever form it may take. Based in Glasgow, Callie’s debut concept album ‘KATABASIS: an underworld opera’, now pressed on vinyl, explored her own journey into the underworld of Survival Sex (an awfully common experience among trans women). It was a recipient of the prestigious Do It Differently fund (awarded by Help Musicians UK) and has since gone on to amass a cult following, with its explosive live sets that include accompanying performance art alongside the recital of the album itself, further developing the ciphers of the dark and difficult concepts contained therein. Callie is also the subject of an upcoming documentary directed by Lea Luiz de Oliveira, a film about her performance work, her music and her medical transition, for which Callie also composed the score.