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Bast Hippocrate


Afrodescendant queer faggot second generation immigrant in Switzerland.
Artist performer since his early twenties, he started hie career as an autodidact. Instinctively not framable by any kind of authority, the street was his first stage for some spontaneous performances, and squats, and art galleries, and museums and then theaters.
After this journey he finally start to study at La Manufacture HES-SO (Lausanne) and receive his diploma in contemporary dance in 2019. In his work as a dancer and choreographer, Hippocrate focuses on the intersection of body, movement and installation in all their innumerable manifestations. In his pieces lyricism merges with the abstraction of danced movement. He creates universes in which the characters are made of raw emotion. He tears down all the protective masks and layers and allows the public to perceive the emotional core and vulnerability of the dancer.