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abcde Flash


abcde Flash (she/her) is a Basel-based sexploratory, conceptual artist whose work focuses on challenging her own mental and physical boundaries and blockades. She addresses and defies her own limitations through conscious and reflective play with partners, and she uses various media as a way to both document and give shape to these intimate encounters. Whether through film, still images, or text, abcde Flash candidly shares her processes of navigating different sexual curiosities with equal parts vulnerability, authenticity, and humour.

A graduate of the University of Amsterdam, she obtained a MSc in Gender and Sexuality studies following the completion of her thesis on the impact that heteronormativity and the coital imperative have on perceptions of what constitutes as sex, and the influence that these perceptions have on safe sex practices.

From this theoretical background, abcde Flash moved towards exploring the more practical aspects of sexuality in all its diverse facets. She started by participating in various artistic projects as a way to gain a better understanding of her own sexuality and to try out different mediums of self-expression. This early period of exploration included having her vulva be a part of The Vulva Gallery and its accompanying book “A Celebration of Vulva Diversity”. She also took part in a production of The Vagina Monologues Basel, first as a performer and then as the head of production a year later. She’s also formed part of the Luststreifen Queer Film Festival Basel production team in 2017.

Bouncing off these experiences, she sought to join various body-focused sexuality workshops, which contributed towards the development of her personal agency and her transformation from spectator and observer to active, conscious participant. She then turned to Matís d’Arc to receive guidance into BDSM and shibari practices and to improve her communication skills with regards to her own wants, desires, and boundaries.

Clearly an exhibitionist at heart who wants nothing more than to share her journey with others, abcde Flash created, produced and financed her own first queer art porn short Walking A Fine Line, which offers a glimpse into her journey with Matís d’Arc. The film was selected for screening in 25 festivals worldwide, and abcde Flash has wholeheartedly embraced the feeling of empowerment that comes from living, creating, and sharing her own narrative.

source: https://www.luhmendarc.com/abcde-flash