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Ussi’n is a queer photographer based in Paris.
Through his work he documents black and gender-non-conforming individuals from the African diaspora in Europe. Aware that in many African countries homosexuality is considered illegal and unnatural, Ussi’n’s work depicts a hidden and often misunderstood facet of sexuality in Afro communities.

His ongoing photo project, “If We Were Allowed,” seeks to capture what in the minds of the majority is considered abnormal, “normal”. Using photography as a medium, Ussi’n invites himself into the intimacy of same-sex couples, in order to portray love in a way that society has never exposed it, while celebrating queer culture in the African diaspora. 
His hope is to change misconceptions about LGBTQ people in Africa and create a visual archive that will serve as a reference for the next generation. In the same vein, he hopes that love will overcome hate, and that same-sex people in African countries will finally be able to love each other freely and be loved for who they are.